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hacking your frequency to change your life

Hack Your Frequency to Change Your Reality


In this post, we are talking about hacking your frequency to change your life.

What if you can change your own frequency and vibration? Why is this important?

hacking your frequency to change your life

Well, when you change your personal energy frequency, you can literally start changing your life. In this video, Christie Sheldon talks about how she is able to change the frequency to attract abundance and living life on purpose. She has personally helped over 25,000 people to raise the abundance frequencies. She also identified the 24 common abundance blocks that are stopping people from receiving the abundance they deserve.

Watch this video to learn how she is able to do this.

mind and thoughts

Can Thinking Big Can Make You Happier?


Watch this interview between Oprah and mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn says dreaming big can have a positive lasting impact on your life.

Key takeaway:

The negative thoughts are often the limiting thoughts or the so-called “not big enough thoughts”. A lot of the time we think we know who we are and we develop a whole story about who we are. The story we tell ourselves usually are not big enough. Let’s think about it. How often do your stories say about how beautiful you are or how good you are. Usually our stories say about how miserable our life is or how we are not good enough.

mind and thoughtsUsually we say how we are not strong enough, not good enough or not confident enough. We need more this, more that, etc… A lot of the negative thoughts have to do with our up-bringing, our education and environment. You can change all this as long as you start to become aware of your negative thought patterns and start recognizing your greatness.

The bottom line is you are not your thoughts but the awareness of your thoughts. Start becoming the observer of your mind and create the life you want to have.