8 Surprising Ways to Use Aluminum Foil

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Aluminum foil is something which everybody has in the kitchen as it has multiple applications within the domain of food storage. Aluminum foil is your knight in shining armor of home manufacturers as it can act as a handy pie shield or a makeshift broiler pan, depending upon the requirement. It is interesting how creative we can get from the kitchen once the need arises. Below are some surprising uses for aluminium foil which you might have never before considered.

Grill Cleaner: all of us love throwing a backyard BBQ on a sunny weekend with friends and loved ones. The grill occasionally catches the firmament of the grill brushes and this may contaminate food. To be able to prevent such health hazards, we may use the aluminum foil to scrape and clean the grill to get rid of any pieces of grill brush which may be lurking around the corners of the grill.

Produce a makeshift broiler pan: if you would like to cook bacon to perfection, then aluminum foil may come in handy as a makeshift broiler pan. It entails a very simple procedure for trimming a sheet of heavy duty foil to be able to make it as long as baking sheets. The foil is placed in the base of the pan and the rest is history. Needless to say, different things can be roasted or broiled with this makeshift broiler but bacon is greatest.

Safeguard Pie Crust: Cooking is a creative art and sometimes different factors are needed for different recipes. Not everyone has all of the essential kitchen accessories handy like a pie shield. The aluminum foil comes in to save the day this time, acting as a pie change. Inexperienced people may get into trouble with this method but it’s safe to strip the foil into three segments which creates a protective shield for a pie.

Customize the size of your pan: In situations if you don’t have the perfect size pan or perhaps the ideal shaped one, you can use foil for alterations. You can shred the foil and construct a wall at the pan to be able to create the ideal size or shape.

The Roasting rack: In the absence of a roasting rack, then twist the foil into a rack and set the choice meat on it .

The aluminum foil can be twisted into a sling to accomplish this feat. There’s the requirement for 2 strips crossed over each other.

Cooking in foil packs: Open-fire cooking brings a smoky taste to food that’s incredibly delicious. Meats that are blended and cooked in this way help the food to retain its juices. In addition, cleanup when you are done is super simple.

Scrunch up foil to create a double boiler: When food needs water bathing, foil will certainly come to your rescue.

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